Donations to the heap

Donations to the heap - (Versão em português aqui)

The Jewish Museum of Rio de Janeiro is dedicated to preserving the history as well as the religious aspects of its Jewish community, throughout a systematic and constant work of acquisition, organization, preservation and spreading of archives. Its heap keeps institutional and personal Jewish funds. The documents can be found in different supports, called textual, iconographic, sounding, printed or tridimensional.

What to preserve
Usually, people donīt know for sure which documents are meant to be preserved. It is common for people to find out that only a public people and institutions′ archive is important. Yet, personal documents are equally precious.
We indicate, below, some documents that - a priori - may present interest to the Museum:
• documents related to the immigration
• objects related to the Jewish religion or community.
• magazines and other Jewish publications
• documents and objects from Jewish institutions
• Homages and celebrations, including medals, plaques, etc...
• Photos related to its history and the community′s.
• Sonorous, iconographic and cartographic.

In case of doubt, don′t throw anything away. Get the advice of an archivist.

Why to preserve
In Brazil, the consciousness about the importance of preserving archives ha been growing, both in institutions and among common people, making it possible for contemporary and future generations to learn a bit more about the history of the Jewish community in our country.

The preservation of documents is important to understand:
• Jewish religion
• The role of Jews in the development of Brazil.
• The history of our people and of Israel
• The reasons of the success - or failure - of some institutions.
• The migration movements

How to donate
Donation is the most common way when it comes to personal and institutional archives, although other ways are also possible under a Loan For Use Agreement

The donor transfers to the Jewish Museum the documents by signing a standard term of donation, in which the criteria of cession of use, reproduction and term of guard are established.

Whenever possible, documents sent to donation must have clear identification of people, places, history and dates, in order to facilitate the archivists′ work.






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